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JDA Direct Commerce Shipping Software by Agile Network


Designed to optimise fulfilment operations and reduce transportation spend, Agile Network TME for JDA automates the entire shipping process from pack verification and consolidation through weighing, rating, routing, labeling, execution, tracking, and settlement.

To optimise carrier selection and service levels, the solution is integrated with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and a certified network of more than 5,000 North American and international freight and parcel carriers.

To streamline operations, Agile Network TME for JDA Direct Commerce is also integrated with a variety of shipping services, including 3PL, audit & payment, supply chain visibility, vendor compliance, export compliance and insurance. The solution includes a complete suite of management tools and reports to analyse carrier performance, optimise transportation planning and reduce expenditures.

Scalable and redundant processing ensure continuous operation across large enterprise deployments with multiple distribution centers. In single server benchmark testing, Agile Network TME for JDA Direct Commerce is capable of handling a minimum of 60,000 shipments per hour.



Agile Network TME integrates with the Offline Shipping Module to execute orders generated by JDA Direct Commerce applications.

Upon tote or package scanning, Agile Network TME retrieves and displays corresponding order data, including line detail. Once done, attendants may verify pack contents then weigh shipments for rating. Depending on order-based, delivery instructions, Agile Network TME ( displays rates, including those for alternative carriers. Upon execution, Agile Network TME generates labels then automatically transmits manifest data to the Offline Shipping Module for subsequent invoicing and tracking.

During this process and as required, Agile Network TME automatically prepares and electronically files export documentation, including that required for denied party screening and ACE.

Upon delivery and carrier invoicing, Agile Network TME automatically reconciles charges, including accessorial fees against original manifest detail. Any resulting discrepancies are then submitted to carriers for refund or credit. At any time, Agile Network TME provides management with access to a complete dashboard of analytic data, including carrier performance report cards and information required to optimise fulfilment operations.

Agile Network TME for JDA Direct Commerce is offered in two different options: One supports the existing Direct Commerce Collate printing process where carrier compliant labels are generated on picking documents. The other is an attended configuration where users weigh, rate, route and manifest shipments with labels generated at the end of the packing process.

Both options leverage the Direct Commerce Offline Shipping Module and provide users with the ability to significantly reduce overall freight spend. In addition, users that deploy the attended option save on consumables by replacing costly peel-off picking document/labels with cheaper paper pick slips and carrier-provided labels.


Agile Network for JDA Direct Commerce provides carrier-certified support for:

  • All UPS Small Parcel & Freight Services, Including Sure Post, Mail Innovations, Trade Direct and World Ease
  • All FedEx Small Parcel & Freight Services, including Smart Post, IGD, IPD and CSP-certified National for both international and domestic origins
  • All Newgistics Services, including those with compliance requirements.
  • Hundreds of regional carriers, including On-Trac, Spee-Dee, and Eastern Connection
  • Exclusive postal discounts through Stamps.com


Agile Network for JDA Direct Commerce may be configured to support virtually any distribution environment and fulfilment process, including those with unattended robotic integration requirements.

Download the Agile Network for JDA Direct Commerce Data Sheet

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