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Connectship Chain Link Support. Chain Link Tool-Kit Support Services.

Looking For Connectship Chain Link Support Services?

Agile Network Provides Support Services for the Connectship Chain Link Toolkit

This page is for ConnectShip | iShip Customers who are interested in learning more about how Agile Network TME Enterprise Shipping Solutions integrate and extend ConnectShip | iShip capabilities to incorporate full-blown Transportation Management Execution capabilities. Agile Network also provides support for ConnectShip ChainLink – a suite of browser-based web applications that support shipping and transportation management throughout the enterprise.


Who is Agile Network? Agile Network is an organization of experienced transportation and logistics experts who focus on integrating automated shipping solutions with ERP, WMS and other business systems. We support over 1,000 customers throughout North America and Europe. We have experience in a wide range of vertical industries, including manufacturing, industrial, retail, wholesale/distribution, financial services, 3PLs, and healthcare. If your business ships something, we can help you do it faster, cheaper and more accurately.


As a Platinum ConnectShip | iShip partner we have achieved a level of ConnectShip | iShip technical experience unsurpassed in the industry. Our suite of Agile Network solutions integrate to ConnectShip | iShip  carrier services with other logistics services and make them work seamlessly with your role-specific business processes. We also support ConnectShip ChainLink application suite for enabling shipment process automation within new or existing business systems.

Below are just some of the solutions we provide that will help you maximize your ConnectShip investment:

Implementation services and support: No other organization (outside of UPS) has more ConnectShip | iShip engineers or the depth and breadth of experience that Agile Network offers. For over 15 years, our engineers have integrated shipping solutions with every ERP, WMS, and accounting system imaginable. Our strict adherence to best practices assures you of a smooth implementation experience and support that is second to none.

Integration services and host system connectors: We have a wide range of pre-built connectors for ERP, WMS, and accounting systems, including Oracle, SAP, and Epicor.

Route optimization: Before an order hits the warehouse, we can help you save transportation costs by looking for opportunities to consolidate and aggregate parcel loads to take advantage of less expensive LTL and TL services. Our routing rules help ensure that suppliers, purchasing, sales and other employees use the most cost-effective carrier services available.

Pack verification: If you are subject to vendor compliance labeling and ASN requirements or you just want to make sure that your order fulfillment is 100% error free, our pack verification solutions verify that pallets and cartons contain the correct line items. Combined with our address and residential validation capabilities, we can help you avoid reshipments and customer dissatisfaction.

Multi-modal production shipping: Our enterprise solution, Agile Network’s TME, supports carrier modes and services including FedEx, Endicia-based USPS postage, inbound and outbound LTL, TL, and ocean, in addition to those supported by ConnectShip | iShip. Our connectivity to carrier EDI networks gives you immediate access to over 3,000 carriers.

Desktop shipping: If you’re an organization that needs to control desktop shipping for 1,000s of employees or locations, then our desktop solution is perfect for you. We support corporate user authentication and security procedures, to ensure authorized users can print carrier labels or authorization forms easily and quickly, all from a browser-based solutions with ConnectShip ChainLink.

Export compliance: Our solutions validate international tariff codes and descriptions, perform restricted party screening, and generate all the export documents you need to comply with US customs, while you ship. We are certified by AES Direct for automating electronic Shipper’s Export Declaration filing. We keep an audit trail and a digitized copy of all export documents.

Hazardous material compliance: If you ship dangerous goods, you know how important it is to ensure you have properly labeled and documented shipments. Our solutions provide tools to manage hazardous material classifications, descriptions and restrictions. We automate accurate generation of hazardous material labeling, documentation, DOT reports, and audit trails.

Visibility & event management: Our integration with carrier EDI networks extends ConnectShip | iShip visibility beyond the shipping dock. Need to find the status of an outbound shipment? Search by any field and we will show you in transit status down to line item detail. Need to see what’s expected to arrive inbound? Sort by destination location and we’ll show you what’s scheduled to arrive. Our proactive exception alerts tell you immediately about supply chain issues before they become major customer problems.

Settlement: Many organizations do not have a complete and accurate picture of transportation costs because important financial information is locked up in disparate information silos. Our shipment server not only stores ConnectShip | iShip shipping data, but also imports carrier invoice data, giving you a complete picture of your costs from purchase to payment. Reconcile costs by orders, accounts, or departments to reduce labor in your accounting department.

Business intelligence: You cannot manage what you do not measure and we have the tools to identify savings opportunities that extend savings generated by ConnectShip | iShip. Because our enterprise-class solutions collect parcel and freight transportation information across your supply chain, we provide a higher level of visibility and control than would otherwise be available within ConnectShip | iShip alone.

Here are some of the benefits and value of using Agile Network TME powered by ConnectShip | iShip:

Reduce labor by streamlining logistics processes, including routing, packing, shipping, tracking,
and reconciling carrier costs for parcel and freight carriers.

Reduce transportation costs by controlling carrier service selections, validating address information,
and eliminating unnecessary surcharges and wasteful spending.

Reduce regulatory compliance risks by controlling classification, labeling, documentation, audit trails,
and reporting processes for export and hazardous material shipments.

Improve customer service by ensuring accurate fulfillment and on-time delivery.

About ConnectShip | iShip

ConnectShip, Inc. and iShip, Inc. are wholly owned, independent subsidiaries of UPS that provide on-premise and off-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions for enterprise and mid-sized companies under one brand, ConnectShip | iShip; The companies extend patented multi-carrier technology to third-party transportation solution providers and large-volume shippers throughout North America and Europe.

Twenty percent of the top 100 Fortune® 500 companies rely on ConnectShip | iShip to provide one source for carrier compliant labels, documentation, electronic manifesting, and reporting for small package, LTL and air freight shipments. With more than 35 years of experience in shipping and software development, ConnectShip | iShip provides reliable carrier compliance for multi-carrier, multi-modal, multi-platform shipping optimization.

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