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ConnectShip | iShip. Agile Network.

As a Platinum ConnectShip | iShip partner we have achieved a level of ConnectShip | iShip technical experience unsurpassed in the industry. Our suite of Agile Network’s TME solutions integrate to ConnectShip | iShip  carrier services with other logistics services including ConnectShip ChainLink and make them work seamlessly with your role-specific business processes.

Agile Network provides a full-featured, shipping and transportation management solution for organizations that engage ConnectShip | iShip for multi-carrier rating, routing and execution.

Designed to optimize operations and reduce transportation spend, the ConnectShip | iShip shipping solution automates the entire fulfillment process from pack verification through weighing, rating, routing, labeling and execution. To optimize carrier selection and service levels, the solution is also integrated with ConnectShip | iShip network of freight and parcel carriers.

To streamline operations, the ConnectShip | iShip shipping solution is also integrated with a variety of services, including TMS, 3PL, audit & payment, supply chain visibility, vendor compliance, export compliance and insurance. The ConnectShip | iShip shipping solution includes a complete suite of management tools with web browser application functionality in ConnectShip ChainLink and reports to analyze carrier performance, optimize transportation planning and reduce expenditures.

Scalable, service oriented architecture and redundant processing ensure continuous operation across large enterprise deployments with multiple distribution centers. In single server benchmark testing, the ConnectShip | iShip shipping solution is capable of handling a minimum of 60,000 shipments per hour.

Agile Network systems, including the ConnectShip | iShip shipping solution, currently handle more than two million shipments each day for enterprise clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. ConnectShip | iShip and ConnectShip ChainLink solutions are supported by a team of shipping and transportation management professionals operating from 11 offices in the US, Canada and UK.

About ConnectShip | iShip

ConnectShip, Inc. and iShip, Inc. are wholly owned, independent subsidiaries of UPS that provide on-premise and off-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions for enterprise and mid-sized companies under one brand, ConnectShip | iShip. The companies extend patented multi-carrier technology to third-party transportation solution providers and large-volume shippers throughout North America and Europe.

Twenty percent of the top 100 Fortune® 500 companies rely on ConnectShip | iShip to provide one source for carrier compliant labels, documentation, electronic manifesting, and reporting for small package, LTL and air freight shipments. With more than 35 years of experience in shipping and software development, ConnectShip | iShip provides reliable carrier compliance for multi-carrier, multi-modal, multi-platform shipping optimization.

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