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Ecommerce Shipping Software

ECOMMERCE SHIPPING SOFTWARE builds value for both traditional and online merchandisers.

To start, Agile Network’s ecommerce shipping software integrates directly with OMS and WMS applications to provide real-time, rules-based rating and routing options for any combination of multiple fulfillment origins. As a result, merchants are able to instantly choose the best option based on location, available inventory, time-in-transit, and related carrier costs.


Once done, Agile Network’s ecommerce shipping software unifies shipment data in a single record for scheduled execution by any number of fulfillment principals: Vendors pull DVS orders from an Agile Network’s ecommerce shipping software portal uniquely designed to support existing WMS and shipping applications. Distribution centers fulfill orders with robot-ready, enterprise grade Agile Network’s ecommerce shipping software, which operates in both attended station and in-motion manifesting modes. For orders that may require store-level fulfillment, Agile Network’s ecommerce shipping software provides a desktop shipping solution complete with print-pack-and–label manifesting. In the end, shipments are coordinated to arrive on-time, at-cost and with complete track-and-trace visibility.


With integrated cloud-based supply chain services from SPS Commerce, Agile Network’s ecommerce shipping software leverages the SPS Universal Network to automatically generate retailer-compliant GS1 (UCC) 128 Shipping Labels and transmits shipment detail required to generate compliant EDI 856 Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) and bypass legacy EDI software and VANs. The ecommerce shipping software solution allows the process to work autonomously, without any additional hardware or continued maintenance responsibilities.