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Retail’s Vicious Implosion? Tips on Shipping Saving Retail

Major retailers are racing to improve their online presence and digital customer experiences to stay relevant among the fierce competition in eCommerce for online shoppers.

When it came to Macy’s and Kohl’s recent decisions to shutter many of their stores, CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer wondered what the point of their stores’ existence was for.

Macy’s is the third-largest online seller in its categories after Amazon and Wal-Mart, but that doesn’t pay the rent,” Cramer said.

Everyone is too cheap to shop at the mall. It’s just too inconvenient unless you are uber-wealthy and need to see the ultra-luxury wares in person before buying them,” Cramer said.

He attributes most of mall foot traffic to luxury item shoppers looking for higher value items to inspect in person. “They won’t dish $10,000 for a pair of earrings without seeing them in person.” Cramer states.

What major retailers can do to up their digital stakes, is re-examining ways to improve their transportation management in order to better serve their customers. One example is offering a convenient process to manage returns. This provides opportunities to convert lost sales to an equivalent or higher value purchase.

Another few action steps are integrating a wider range of carriers to serve a growing, international customer base, and leveraging regional carriers, many of whom are optimally positioned to serve a particular area and possibly at a lower cost, there’s plenty of ways to build upon your online presence and web store value.

One only needs to look at subscription order models, like Amazon Prime, to see what kind of impact offering expedited shipping options can do to fortify a customer base.

It’s easy to see integrating a multicarrier shipping solution plays a significant role in fulfilling the demands of the “need it now” generation, and these transportation technologies can help bring the shoppers back to retailers’ web store fronts, front and center.

Source: CNBC, please click here to view.