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Shipping since the Last World Series Title for Chicago Cubs & Cleveland Indians

Shipping and shipping system technologies have come a long way since the last time either of these two teams, the Cleveland Indians or Chicago Cubs have won the World Series & Baseball’s Commissioner’s Trophy.

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won since 1908. The 1908 World Series saw at the time, defending champion Chicago Cubs play against the Detroit Tigers. In this first-ever rematch of the World Series event, the Cubs won in five games for their World Series title. Shipping anything by air back then would have been tough, as in Flight was just 5 years old, the United Parcel Service (UPS) would be established 6 years later, and Federal Express, who later became FedEx, was still 57 years away. In fact, the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, the only viable transportation option for shipping packages, parcel, and freight was the Railway system, which accounted for approximately 90% of all freight in the US. The Last Mile delivery at this time was managed by local couriers on foot and by bicycle, with there only being a handful of automobiles in existence.

A little later in 1948, the Cleveland Indians defeated the Boston Braves 4 games to 2. During this time shipping by rail accounted for approximately 54% of all freight in the US. However vast improvements in transportation were made with technologies of the automobile and telephones. In addition, the practice of consolidating delivery helped to greatly improve efficiencies of deliveries, which drove the cost of shipments down. It wasn’t much later until 1971 that the United States Postal Service (USPS) and US mail boxes would emerge.

So it’s a fun exercise to think about what it would have been like in 1908, or in 1948, to ship arguably the most famous trophy in all of pro sports, the World Series of Baseball’s Commissioner’s Trophy, to the winning team, at the winning stadium. Without Dimensional Units (“DIMs”) pricing established, shipping the World Series Commissioner’s Trophy in 1908 or 1948 would have been based on weight and the cost would have ranged somewhere between $2 – $10.00 USD.

That compares to today in 2016, to ship the World Series Trophy from the MLB Commissioner’s Office in New York, NY to the winning team at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio, would cost anywhere from $33.20 to $232.81, depending on the carrier, & level of service needed, and lastly assuming the trophy weighs 30 lbs. For experimental purposes, these rate quotes are without insuring the package for the standalone value of the World Series trophy at roughly ~$15,000.00, but the point is that in 2016 we’re able to quickly generate a shipment quote using innovative shipping software technologies.

Shipping software encompasses many innovative technologies that help determine if an expedited service makes sense, and also enables a business to tackle more sophisticated challenges such as their enterprises’ shipment planning, routing, rating, and tracking and tracing capabilities. Shipping software has even developed to help manage international compliance documents and reverse logistics functionality allowing companies to better manage their customers’ returns.

Shipping software technologies are in part to credit for the explosive growth of eCommerce, where a customers’ hesitation to purchase can be quickly placated with a pre-printed returns label for a worry-free, online checkout experience.

And when you’re ordering your Cleveland Indians or Chicago Cubs World Series Champions merchandise tomorrow, think about how the long the last Cleveland Indians & Chicago Cubs fans had to wait, some of them a lifetime, to be delivered their World Series swag.

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