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Tesla Talks Self-Driving Trucks

Elon Musk has finally published the details of his second “Tesla Master Plan” almost exactly 10 years after the automaker publicly revealed its first car. The new plan shifts Tesla’s focus towards expanding its energy endeavors with SolarCity, developing ride-sharing fleets and developing electric trucks.

Image Credit: Jason Torchinsky via Truck Yeah

The first installment of the Tesla Master Plan roughly outlined Elon Musk’s goals to introduce a sports car, and then an affordable model, and then an even more affordable model, which ended up being the Tesla Roadster, Model S and, finally, the Model 3 earlier this year.

Image Credit: Jason Torchinsky via Truck Yeah

The second Tesla Master Plan, published a few days later than originally promised, outlines an even bigger future for Tesla. In a section titled “Expand to Cover the Major Forms of Terrestrial Transport”, Musk mentioned two types of electric transportation vehicles needed: freight/cargo trucks and trucks designed for passengers.

As the technology matures, all Tesla trucking vehicles will have the hardware necessary to be fully autonomous with fail-operational capability, meaning that any given system in the freight truck could break and redundancies in the software designed for the truck will allow it to operate safely.

Imagine simply adding a carrier’s truck to a shared transport fleet just by cliking a button on an shipping application for quicker delivery of shipments while significantly offsetting shipping costs on trucking.

Tesla hasn’t released any details on the project, but an electric truck design may be in the future and is sure to keep the company busy for the next decade or so.




Source: Truck Yeah
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