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UPS considers using drones to deliver packages

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Carriers around the world are trying to reduce shipping costs of last-mile package deliveries with drones. Among them, UPS thinks it can save money and deliver more packages by launching drones from its trucks.

UPS, in fact, delivered a parcel via drone yesterday in a trial outside of Tampa, Florida.

The process for drone delivery goes along these lines – The driver places a package inside a cage attached to the drone, then the roof slides back allowing the driver to initiate the drone’s autonomous flight path in delivering the shipment to the end destination.

Other major online retailer’s, like JD in China, have been using drones for the past year to deliver packages to rural areas and is reported to be planning an expansion with many more routes in 2017.

In France, the postal service is testing using drones on a remote mail route in the greater Provence region.

The last time UPS tested a drone delivery scenario was in September 2016, where it sent a drone flying to an island off the coast of Boston to simulate a delivery of time-sensitive medical supplies.

UPS says that if the drone delivery program can reduce just one mile from each of their drivers’ delivery routes a day, the drone delivery program could save about $50 million a year.

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News Source: CNN Tech
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