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USPS Files Request for Parcel Rates Increase in 2017

On October 19, 2016, the U.S. Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission of price changes for its’ shipping services and products to take effect next year, following the end of the 2016 holiday mailing season.

The filing does not include any price increase for First-Class Package International Service, Priority Mail Express International, and Priority Mail International.

The USPS average price change is 3.9%, which results in an average shipping price of less than $5 per shipment across all USPS shipping products.

If the USPS new pricing is approved, it will represent a modest price increase for USPS Priority Mail by 3.9%, and an average of 3.3% in USPS Priority Mail Retail pricing. This compares to general rate increases (GRI) of 4.9% for both UPS and FedEx, that are proposed to go into effect on December 26 and January 2, respectively.

The Postal Regulatory Commission will review the USPS proposed pricing changes scheduled to take effect Jan. 22, 2017.

The US Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sales of postage, and USPS products and services to fund operations.

The USPS proposed pricing will allow the USPS to continue to provide an excellent value shipping option and reliability for the shipping industry, along with expedited service transportation choices catering to consumers.

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