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Walmart to offer Ship-to-Store discount

On April 19 Walmart will offer a discount to US customers who elect for shipping purchases to their stores, instead of their home address.


Given Walmart’s retail store network consists of over four thousand stores across the US, the new discount that is being offered to online shoppers allows Walmart to test the market while challenging e-commerce focused companies like those of Amazon and Alibaba.

In the offer, Walmart will provide a large discount – in some cases up to $50 off of an item – if an online shopper chooses for their order to ship-to-store.

If the customer instead chooses to ship it to their home, the price stays unchanged and Walmart will provide free delivery.

Walmart is calling the program a “Pickup Discount” and launching it on 10,000 eligible SKUs across their inventory.

The “Pickup Discount” demonstrates how an effective supply chain strategy can enable a resurgence for retail. The Walmart shipping discount provides an incentive for customers to come back into their retail stores while saving money on shipping costs and passing the savings onto consumers.

Walmart has steadily increased their e-Commerce investment since acquiring in 2016 for a reported $3 billion.

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Source: Business Insider
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