Agile Network Reaches Agreement to Acquire Seattle Based E-Commerce Supply Chain Execution Provider, Ajillus

CHESTERFIELD, MO, August 15, 2016 –Agile Network, the premier transportation management execution technology and solutions provider in the industry, reached an agreement to acquire Ajillus.  Ajillus is a Seattle-based technology company that has been providing shipping systems and supply chain software consultancy services bridging warehouse management systems, transportation management systems and e-business fulfillment for over 20 years. 

“The acquisition of Ajillus fits perfectly within our mission at Agile to provide customers with global scale without sacrificing the regional support they have come to expect,” according to Kevin V. Cox, CEO at Agile Network, “Expanding our reach into the heart of the technology center of Seattle was a key initiative of ours and our customers will benefit directly from it.”

“We are very excited about the opportunity to combine our extensive experience with the global reach of the Agile Network.  I have seen many companies in this space come and go over the years, but what I have not seen is a company so strategically focused on transportation execution.  We enthusiastically concur with their focus and look forward to working together to achieve unparalleled success,” according to Mike Murphy, CEO at Ajillus.   

Mike Murphy will be accepting a senior management position within Agile Network to expand and enhance their project management operations. 

Agile Network Announces Partnership with Green Mountain Technology Combining Multi-Carrier Transportation Execution with Parcel Spend Management

Green Mountain Technology Logo
CHESTERFIELD, MO, August 11, 2016 – Agile Network, leading enterprise shipping software provider announced their partnership with Green Mountain Technology (GMT)
to enhance their transportation management solutions for greater parcel spend management and freight costs control. The partnership will serve parcel shippers’ needs for automated transportation management solutions to drive optimal costs and improve carrier service outcomes.

“This is an opportunity to join powerful parcel spend management technologies with robust transportation execution,” according to Kevin V. Cox, CEO at Agile Network. “We are very excited to begin working together in service to our customers as they focus on building strategies to improve their parcel shipping performance,”

“I got a great feeling a feeling from Founding Member and Principal, Steve Cooper, in terms of personal and business integrity. He described this as a common thread among Agile Network’s leadership, and this being core to the foundation for them having built a culture at Agile that’s committed to doing things the right way from the inside out. This partnership is culturally and strategically a strong fit. We are excited about the opportunity,” according to Jim Jacobs, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Green Mountain Technology.

Andrew Soto, MBA, PMP®, CSM® named as Vice President of Implementation Services

Agile Network Expands Operations – Appoints Andrew Soto, MBA, PMP®, CSM® as Vice President of Implementation Services

Andrew Soto, Vice President of Implementation Services of Agile Network

Andrew Soto, Vice President of Implementation Services of Agile Network


CHESTERFIELD, MO, August 3, 2016 – Agile Network today announced the appointment of Andrew Soto as Vice President of Implementation Services. In this newly created role, Mr. Soto will be based in Agile Network’s Tulsa, Oklahoma office and be responsible for leading the successful implementation of multi-carrier shipping systems for parcel and freight management that includes over 105 logistics professionals in 10 offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.  He will report to transportation industry veteran, Kevin V. Cox, the Chief Executive Officer of Agile Network and former General Manager of iShip and ConnectShip, two wholly owned UPS subsidiaries.

“Andrew has the diverse business experience and the technical skillset to conduct our rapidly expanding Project Management Operations. He will help us deliver our transportation management execution solutions and ensure they are aligned with our customers’ goals. We’re excited to bring him on with his proven track record of quality enterprise project implementations delivered in-scope, on-time, on-budget, and the expected quality as we serve our customers’ needs for expedited delivery options, international shipping, and the latest supply chain technologies.” said Kevin Cox, CEO of Agile Network.

“The opportunity to join Agile Network just as the transportation industry is experiencing explosive growth is the right fit. I’m excited to start in my role as VP of Implementation Services, where I’ll work with a modern, robust shipping system that helps businesses’ solve complex transportation challenges using transformative solutions for shipping simply from anywhere, to anywhere.” said Andrew Soto, Vice President of Implementation Services.

Mr. Soto received his Master’s in Business Administration from the American Business & Technology University, Master’s Information Services/Information Technology Certificates from Villanova University, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University. Mr. Soto is also a Certified ScrumMaster® from the Scrum Alliance®,  and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) from the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Mr. Soto’s appointment is effective as of August 1st, 2016.

About TME

Agile Network’s Transportation Management & Execution platform, TME, is multi-carrier shipping software that provides users with certified support for a global network of carriers, including: FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Purolator, Canpar, Canada Post, and hundreds of regional operators. The solution also provides a full-featured, on-premise or cloud-based shipping and transportation management platform, with real- time rating and routing, pack verification, consolidation, automatic ACE filing, export document generation, and integrated carrier invoice reconciliation. Agile Network TME may be configured to operate in both attended station and ‘black box’ modes with full support for high volume material handling, automatic weighing and dimensions, and print-and-apply systems.

About Agile Network

Agile Network is a leading provider of enterprise shipping software, returns management solutions, and transportation management solutions with more than 3 decades of experience supporting over 1,200 clients and hundreds of Fortune 500 Brands in the United States, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom, European Union and Asia-Pacific. Agile Network TME handles both freight and parcel shipments tailored to serve a diversity of industrial applications, including: Retail, eCommerce, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Industrial Manufacturing and Third Party Logistics.
To learn more, visit:

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Agile Network is a FedEx Diamond Compatible Solution Partner. We help shippers of all sizes reduce transportation spend with Compatible integration with FedEx for the largest number of ERP, WMS and e-commerce platforms. Learn More about our FedEx Diamond Compatible Solutions.

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RILA Supply Chain Conference Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Winner

Agile Network Shipping Software RILA

Congrats to our Winner of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at the 2016 RILA Supply Chain Conference !

Pictured below is the winner of a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with touch screen keyboard and Stylus pen from our RILA Supply Chain Conference 2016. Retail Industry Leaders Association’s annual supply chain conference took place 02/28/16 – 03/02/16 in Dallas, TX. Go Deeper than just scratching the surface of your transportation cost savings with Agile Network TME.


TME - Manage multi-origin, multi-carrier shipping from a single, secure system.



Agile Network TME selected as FedEx® Diamond Compatible Shipping Solution for Transportation Management Execution, Support for all FedEx® Domestic & International Shipping Services

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, March 16, 2016 – Enterprise transportation management solution provider Agile Network announced Agile Network TME, a multi-carrier parcel shipping software, was recognized as an exclusive FedEx Diamond Compatible Solution for a third year in a row.

Claire Ruddy, Mark Picarello, Bob Malley and Steve Cooper accepting the Diamond Award for Agile Network TME from Kristian Conway Manager for the FedEx Compatible team
Pictured from Left to Right: Claire Ruddy, Mark Picarello, Bob Malley and Steve Cooper accepting the Diamond Award for Agile Network TME from Kristian Conway Manager for the FedEx Compatible team

Agile Network TME is a FedEx Compatible – Diamond Solution, the highest level awarded, which integrates FedEx functionality to your everyday software so accessing the shipping services for business needs is simple. When all your software solutions are on a unified system, you save time and money, enjoy simplicity, and see improved accuracy.

Designed to help organizations identify qualified, third-party shipping software, The FedEx Compatible Solution program requires software developers be up-to-date on current software for either FedEx Ship Manager Server or FedEx Web Services, and also maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and retention. Of the hundreds of solutions available, only a few achieve FedEx Diamond Compatible Solution status. This distinction is awarded only to solutions demonstrating years of certified compatibility, and integration with the broadest range of technologies, including ERPs, warehouse management systems and ecommerce platforms. To learn more, visit


Logistics Tech Outlook Selects Agile Network for Top 10 Transportation Management Solution Providers

top 10 TMS provider

The Annual list showcases the Top 10 Transportation Management Solution Providers. Agile Network makes it to Logistics Tech Outlook’s top Transportation Management Solution Providers list for its expertise in meeting benchmarks for compliance and security overcoming emerging shipping and returns challenges in the omni-channel logistics landscape.

Fremont, CA—November 10, 2015—Logistics Tech Outlook has chosen Agile Network for it’s Top 10 Transportation Management Solution Providers 2015. The positioning is based on evaluation of Agile Network’s capabilities in providing multi-carrier shipping software.

The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship. “Agile Network has been making great strides in the Transportation Management arena. Their extensive experience and innovative solutions make them a frontrunner in this arena and we are happy to showcase them this year,” said Linda James, Managing Editor, Logistics Tech Outlook. “Agile Network’s solutions continue to break new ground, benefiting retail, financial, and ecommerce companies experiencing growth around the globe. We are excited to feature them in our Transportation Management Systems edition this year.”

 About Logistics Tech Outlook

Logistics Tech Outlook is a vast portal for professionals to access information regarding the trends, opinions, and relevant discussions pertaining to challenges faced by the logistics landscape.

The edition constantly endeavors to identify “The Best” in a variety of areas important to logistics arena. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, our editors choose the best in different domains of Transportation Management. The listing of Top 10 Transportation Management Solution Providers considered top companies in logistics in the United States of America.

Read the Full Issue here

Is Your Supply Chain Putting Your Business at Risk?

SUpply chain[2]

Information flows constantly between your company and your partners in the supply chain. That information is one of your business’s most critical assets. Making sure it’s secure reduces your risk of loss from system misuse, tampering, intrusion, or fraud.

Hackers constantly work to piggyback on third-party suppliers connected to other companies’ computers. It’s like grabbing the gold in Fort Knox by sneaking to the vault behind the man with the keys.

Were you aware of this issue? We wanted to alert companies to this weak link in the supply chain.

Nobody’s immune. Two high-profile examples: Target was hacked last Christmas through its computer connection to an HVAC contractor.

The New York Times’ website was defaced when hackers tricked its DNS provider into granting access to the account that determines how the Internet routes traffic to the Times’ site.

In Target’s case, the breach lasted 19 days, resulted in 110 million lost records, and contributed to a 46% drop in year-over-year quarterly profits for the company, according to Target’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It also launched hundreds of lawsuits.

Weeding out vulnerable third-party providers in your supply chain takes time and effort. The only tool your IT staff has is the security questionnaire they send to providers. How much insight do these questionnaires really give you? While larger partners may spend a significant amount on security, there is no guarantee—and less likelihood—that smaller partners are making similar investments.

Have you considered these threats to your company’s reputation and profitability? When using a third-party provider to manage the logistics of your products, could clients’ names, addresses, or credit card information be at risk?

Learn more about how Agile Network can address your security concerns. Agile Network is the only TME solution provider with all three of the highest certifications available in 2015, FedEx Diamond Compatible, UPS Connectship | iShip Platinum and USPS Mac Gold.

Driving Success in Software Implementation

software implementation
Not all software implementation projects are alike.
Understanding a project in scope in terms of how many people are affected are among many factors to consider like;

• Is it supporting a mission critical process?
• Is the underlying process prescriptive, descriptive or predictive?
• Is the underlying process well defined? Does it suit the needs of the future?
• Is the process fixed (as in transactions) or changes over time (as in decision support)?
• How many people will use the new technology?
• What are the data needs for the technology? Is the data available?
• What are the desired outputs from the technology?
• How will we define and measure success?
• How will we define and measure failure?
• Whose buy-in do we need to start the project?
• Is the Return on Investment (ROI) well defined?

Answering a list of questions isn’t enough but it’s helpful to establish a tangible criteria for success.

Clarity of the Business Benefits
It is very important to clearly define the expected business benefits and use that as the guiding light. Technology projects, especially long ones, can easily be caught up in technical objectives while not meeting the business objectives. This results in
a situation where the ‘operation was successful but the patient still died’. Keeping the eyesight trained on the business benefits prevents this situation.

Appropriate Buy In
Implementing technology that affects multiple people, departments etc. can be easily sabotaged by only a few of the many people involved. It is important to get the appropriate buy-in from all levels. Management buy-in helps drive it, but you also need buy-in from IT and user communities. Sometimes, this requires doing a little extra for one or two ‘tough’ constituents. If the goal is appropriately defined at the business level (see point above), then these types of minor detours can be easily accommodated.

Map The Approach To The Underlying Process
it is important to use the right tools for any job; in technology projects, the approach should match the underlying process. For example, if you are implementing software to help with basic transactions (think ERP systems), then you can take an approach that defines all the requirements upfront and then goes to deliver it. If, on the other hand, the project is about decision support, then the list of requirements only have limited meaning and should be interpreted more generally. This is because, in decision support, requirements become clearer as they are delivered and users try to use this technology. This is by far the most common mistake I see in technology projects. The key learning from this is to define requirements at the level of detail that supports the business need and not any more.

Plan simultaneous process improvements
A lot of companies (and consultants) promote this methodology that you must fix your processes before you implement a new technology. The thinking is that if your process is wrong, the new technology will only make you do the wrong thing faster. In my experience, this is not ideal. If one wants to make the whole experience better, they should consider making process and technology improvements simultaneously. The technology then becomes the enabler for the process change and both changes then have a better chance of succeeding.

Avoid the big bang approach
Unless you are doing the technological equivalent of constructing a building, there are opportunities to use parts of your project deliverable(s) while other parts are still being worked on. Use these opportunities. Define business releases such that you can deliver usable functionality at set intervals. This increases buy-in, and allows correction to any mistakes or for users to reconsider their requirements early on in the project.

Plan for contingencies
In this day and age, project planners can easily mistake the precision of planning tools for accuracy of the plan. Technology projects get a bad rap when they do not finish on time. Planning for appropriate contingencies in the timeline can ensure there are no such surprises. This can be helpful in claiming success at the end of the project.

If you have other suggestions on driving success in software implementation, Contact Us.

Agile Network Announces Strategic Partnership with LSO to Offer Shippers Greater Choice and Value

Partnership Provides Agile Network Ship Customers with Option to Select LSO for parcel delivery in Texas, Oklahoma, California and major Western hubs

CHESTERFIELD, MO, (November 4, 2014) – Leading enterprise shipping software provider, Agile Network LLC today announced their partnership with LSO, a leading regional carrier, to develop a new LSO service module within Agile Network Ship software that will allow customers the option of selecting LSO services and offerings integrated into one platform. This solution offers customers greater options regionally when selecting parcel carriers.