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UPS. Agile Network.

Agile Network is a UPS Platinum Ready Partner

Welcome to the Agile Network UPS Solutions page. This page is for UPS customers and representatives who are interested in learning more about how Agile Network solutions integrate with internal business processes and systems, as well as automates the entire breadth of UPS service offerings as well as, export compliance, tracking, and carrier invoice reconciliation.

We help UPS and UPS shippers:

  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing UPS service selections; take full advantage of:- UPS Mail Innovations for packages less than 3 pounds- UPS Basic for packages up to 10 pounds

    – UPS Ground for next day delivery areas from your shipping points

    – UPS International Trade Direct for countries that you ship multiple orders to

    – UPS WorldEase for paperless international shipments

    – UPS Freight for your LTL shipments

    – UPS Sonic air for your same day shipments

  • Reduce regulatory compliance risks by controlling classification, labeling, documentation, audit trails, and reporting processes for export and hazardous material shipments.
  • Reduce labor by automating routing, packing, weighing, rating, labeling, documentation, tendering, tracking, carrier invoice auditing and payment for parcel and freight carriers.

Other Ideas to Consider

Our transportation and logistics systems experts have worked hard with UPS to prove how we can uncover potential savings opportunities and improvements with our free parcel audit. The purpose of this assessment is to look at 5 areas of your operation that frequently contain “low hanging fruit” for cost reduction and optimized performance:

Rates: Are you using a USPS remailer other than UPS Mail Innovations? Could you incorporate UPS Freight in with your other UPS contract? How do you LTL rates and transit times compare against UPS Freight?

Spend: Are you selecting the right carrier services for the delivery commitment required? Are you wasting money on surcharges, penalties, and accessorials which could be avoided? Could you save money by implementing basic planning and routing controls? Do you recover unexpected costs? Is there one source to analyze all transportation spending (or are costs locked up in silos)?

Process: Have you automated processes that ensure cost-effective transportation spending? Are you wasting time with export and hazmat processing, carrier invoice reconciliations, and generating PODs in A/R? How do you verify addresses, residential status and denied party screening?

Performance: How do the carriers compare in terms of on-time delivery performance, claims settlement, fuel surcharges, and invoice accuracy? Do you have the tools to generate carrier report cards during rate negotiations?

Compliance: Have you implemented policies and procedures to ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements for exercising “reasonable care”? Do you perform restricted party screenings for international shipments? Do you regularly classify tariffs and perform license validations? Are you complying with Hazmat regulations?

Agile Network systems, including the UPS shipping software, currently handle more than two million shipments each day for enterprise clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Solutions are supported by a team of shipping and transportation management professionals operating from 11 offices in the US, Canada, and the UK.

The Agile Network and UPS partnership enables customers to lower transportation costs through optimization while automating export compliance, tracking, and carrier invoice reconciliation.