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US Postal Service. Agile Network.

Agile Network is US Postal Service Gold Certified

Agile Network shipping software and transportation management systems have been certified by USPS to meet all of the carrier’s services, labeling, manifesting and API specifications.

Agile Network’s Shipping software is designed to optimize operations and reduce transportation spend, by using Agile Network the USPS shipper can now automate the entire fulfillment process from pack verification through weighing, rating, routing, labeling, execution and tracking to the destination.

Added Services

The USPS shipper is now integrated with added services, including audit & payment, supply chain visibility, vendor compliance, export compliance and added insurance coverage. Also included is a complete suite of management tools and reports to analyze carrier performance, optimize transportation planning and reduce transportation cost.

To rate shop carrier selection and service levels, Agile Network’s Shipping software is certified and integrated with the most common carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS but can connect to a network of more than 5,000 North American LTL, TL freight and parcel carriers.

Enterprise Class

Scalable and redundant processing ensure high availability operation across large enterprise deployments with multiple distribution centers. In single server benchmark testing, Agile Network’s Shipping software using USPS carrier services is capable of handling a minimum of 60,000 shipments per hour.

Agile Network shipping software solutions are supported by a team of shipping and transportation management professionals operating from offices the US, Canada and UK.