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Highjump Software. Agile Network.

Transportation Software Tailor Made for HighJump WMS

Agile Network has collaborated with HighJump Software in providing a multi-carrier, multi-modal transportation management system to seamlessly interoperate in concert with the HighJump Warehouse Advantage WMS.

As a result of this joint project, HighJump’s efficiencies have multiplied several fold in regard to the ability to ship from the WMS with better intelligence and advanced shipping logic.

The WMS manages the movement of hard goods within the four walls of the warehouse and together with the TMS, shipments can be better planned, staged, packed and shipped when the integration has been optimized.

Warehouse management systems and transportation management systems working together are highly synergistic within the supply chain. The more synchronized the data movement is between the WMS and TMS, the more cost savings and efficiencies can be created.

The benefits of a transportation system is to reduce the overall transportation spend while increasing customer satisfaction. Some of the most notable benefits attained by the Agile Network’s transportation system function when used with your HighJump WMS:

  • Planning – Rate shopping both modes and carriers will achieve the most optimal and cost effective carrier for the shipment.
  • Rating Engine – Agile Network’s rating can achieve thousands of rating requests per minute across all modes. Customer carrier rates can be easily loaded and maintained by the customer so that each shipment is using the best rates possible.
  • Shipment Execution – Whether this is printing a carrier compliant label or generating a Bill of Lading for an Ocean shipment, Agile Network can execute hundreds of shipments per minute. Agile Network meets all carrier compliant requirements from documentation to EDI electronic manifests.
  • Visibility – Better customer service is achieved with enhanced visibility provided for every shipment made by the system.
  • Real-time Logistics – The shipment status of every sales order or purchase order is now immediately available through the real-time connections between the carrier and the TMS customer.

Agile Network has positioned itself to be highly interoperable with the HighJump Warehouse Advantage WMS. As demand from direct to consumer operations like ecommerce and retail demand fulfillment capabilities that optimize parcel shipping through the entire order to cash process. Agile Network and HighJump can configure several different operational flows to drive pick-pack-ship scenarios that match your high volume parcel shipping operation:

  • Shipment planning can happen when the order is created, or wait until the order has been waved, or wait until the shipment has been completed at the end of the process.
  • Shipping labels can be created at the same time picking documents are printed so that the unique tracking number of the shipping label can act as the carton LPN and the shipping process is not bottlenecked with long printer cycles.
  • Belt printing with portable printers can print shipping labels from RF devices so the product keeps moving through cross dock moves without breaking pallet loads.
  • Robotic printing of shipping labels will drastically reduce head count and drive up accuracy on high volume parcel shipments lanes.
  • International documents for high speed pack and ship operations can be produced and collated together through the WMS to TMS providing a seamless approach in international compliance.

In addition to enhancing the parcel pick, pack and shipping functionality, LTL and FT can also be optimized through the connections together.

  • Pallet building through the WMS functionality will provide the TMS with total weight and cube to better rate shop and select optimal modes and rate shopping for the optimal carrier.
  • Better rating of LTL and TL can be achieved through Agile Network’s unique real-time rating directly with the LTL carrier or broker for international moves.
  • Shipment consolidations are simplified through the visibility of an entire picking wave to the TMS at the time of wave planning. This way shipments to the same address or shipments in sequential routes can be grouped together for form better planning and rating.

We offer a free assessment and audit of your WMS and TMS processes to uncover any additional cost savings or efficiencies that could be gained through the use of the Agile Network shipping software with your HighJump WMS.