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SPS Commerce. Agile Network.


Agile Network and SPS Commerce provide a seamlessly integrated, supply chain execution platform that extends vendor compliance and EDI capabilities to factories, suppliers, distributors, 3PLs, distribution centers, and retail locations.

The enterprise shipping solution supports omni-channel fulfillment operations, where speed, visibility and control remain critical to success.

Real-time, rules-based, multi-carrier/multi-origin rating and routing capability allows companies with Agile Network’s Shipping module to instantly identify optimum fulfillment options during the order entry process.

Certified integration with major ERPs and WMS applications allows Agile Network’s Shipping module to seamlessly execute shipments in both attended-station and black-box modes.

In either case, Agile Network’s Shipping module automatically retrieves a vendor-compliant UCC 128 label from SPS commerce, then transmits shipment detail required for SPS to generate an EDI 856 Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN).

EDI processes handled by SPS Commerce work autonomously, without any additional hardware or continued maintenance responsibilities.

The solution may be deployed throughout the supply chain in both SaaS and on-premise modes, adding full-function, freight and parcel shipping capabilities to distribution centers, stores and supplier networks.

In any configuration, the solution simultaneously works to increase inventory visibility, ensure trading partner compliance, and decrease transportation costs.

To help companies understand omni-channel fulfillment challenges and opportunities, Agile Network and SPS Commerce offer a free, 360 Degree Omni-Channel Fitness Assessment. As part of this program, participants map their supply chain ecosystem, identify planned and future fulfillment scenarios, identify supporting solution components, and then analyze potential savings.