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Mobile Returns, EcoReturn Mobile Returns and eCommerce Returns Management Software Program


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➞ EcoReturn® saves moneyLEARN MORE

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➞ EcoReturn® helps save the environmentLEARN MORE

Over 1/3 of todays e-commerce orders originate from a mobile device. Customers who buy on a mobile device want to return on a mobile device. EcoReturn® is your mobile return solution that supplements your existing returns process, saves you money and provides more detailed marketing information about your customer.

Return in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. ADD – A patented ‘EcoCode’ is printed on shipping label or packing slip. A return URL is also provided in the order confirmation.
  2. SCAN – On their mobile device, consumers scan the ‘EcoCode’ or click the return URL to view the e-packing slip displaying all purchased items.
  3. SELECT – Consumers select the items and reasons for the return. Merchant is immediately informed of returning inventory!
  4. CHOOSE – Merchant-preferred carrier return services are displayed. Consumer selects their preferred carrier service.
  5. RETURN – Consumer affixes emailed return label and either schedules pick up (premium service), leaves with mail or returns to drop-off location or store. Directions to return facility are provided along with a coupon for an exchange.