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Agile Network ROUTE. Agile Network.

Lacking the agility to access multiple carrier networks and choose optimal routes, companies spend as much as 30% on unnecessary freight services. These same limitations also prevent companies from providing customers with immediate and accurate freight estimates. Agile Network ROUTE works directly with more than 800 carriers to provide you with up-to-the-minute options for any shipment.

With Agile Network ROUTE, shipping staff have the ability to scan cartons then evaluate accurate delivery time, date and charge information from multiple carriers before choosing an optimal route.

To streamline handling, Agile Network ROUTE allows management to pre-assign carrier and routing options to particular customers, shipments and destinations.

Agile Network ROUTE works with Agile Network SHIP to automatically generate shipping labels and carrier pickup notifications. Routing rules and capabilities are easily extended across multiple locations to unify shipping procedures.

  • Enforces budgetary controls while meeting customer needs and company policy
  • Provides customers with greater options and improved service
  • Saves staff time and expense
  • Reduces freight spend up to 30%