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DIMinisher – Optimal Cartonization Software

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DIM Shipping Software for Package Cartonization

Lower DIM Rates with Agile Network DIMinisher - Enterprise Cartonization Software 

Agile Network provides enterprise cartonization solutions for packaging automation and optimal pallet building for accounting for dimensional measurements, also known as “DIM Weight”, that many major carriers have started using.

Agile Network DIMinisher is an enterprise software tool for cartonization, ensuring optimal packing of small boxes of parcel shipments to reduce dimensional rating where possible and lower transportation costs. Smart carton selection automatically compares DIM factors between carriers and avoids DIM rates altogether whenever possible. Agile Network DIMinisher is a packaging automation solution with an integrated cartonization engine to generate optimal packing rules by calculating the lowest cost carton size,  and guides the packing process. The Agile Network DIMinisher solution integrates factors such as SKU dimensions and weight, carton dimensions, real-time carrier rates & DIM factors, and can be configured to account for other business rules when applied to your packing logic, reducing material waste and returning the best dimensional (DIM) shipping rates every time.

Agile Network DIMinisher’s enterprise cartonization technology enables faster warehouse packing operations and makes it easier to save money on shipping costs by streamlining transportation operations for lower DIM charges by using increased accuracy when applying multicarrier dimensional rating.

DIM Cartonization Automation for Optimal Dimensional Rating

Visualize pack orders for optimal pallet loads
Reduces volume and size of packaging materials for optimal loading of shipments
Lower excessive Dimensional (DIM) charges with proper packing every time
Make the most of your shipping space with room for shipping more orders